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I'm kind of a big deal

OK, so you have probably gathered that I am a slightly awkward human. Well, my mom convinced me to contact our local paper about my business and highlight my holiday line of Menorahs, Tree Toppers, and Ornaments.

Burt Constable of the Daily Herald responded right away and asked me if I really was a beauty school dropout. As you (hopefully) read in my first blog post, the answer is yes. He told me he was very interested in coming to my house to interview me, check out my studio, and take some photos! Hooolllllyyyy shit, I was in major panic mode! I spent a lot of time cleaning my studio, because it is a crazy disaster and on more than one occasion there has been only enough room for one person to scoot through at a time.

1 week later, Burt came over with Paule Valade (staff photographer) and indeed interviewed me, and took photos and VIDEO of me in my studio. I have been pretty nervous about this article being published, but it went online today and will be printed in tomorrow's paper! You can read the article here

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