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My Galentines Day Shopping List

Squad Goals Monka! Letter Board Words


Owning a shop has been such a crazy journey.  As soon as I decided to SELL my creations, I realized I had no idea of what I was getting into.  Luckily there were so many intelligent, amazing, enterprising women who had already blazed the trail of online making and selling before me.  They helped me with social media marketing, SEO, customer service, and shipping tips.  They encouraged me when I was making the switch into 3D printing and supported me when I had to scale back my business after the birth of my daughter.  These women deserve ALL the love.  In fact, I am so grateful to them (and the subsequent friendships (friendshops?!) that we built) that I decided to send them all valentines!

Haven's Place XOXO

My first love letter would be to Mandy at Haven’s Place.  I already use her beautiful and unique wooden letter boards to keep track of upcoming events (14 days to Valentines!) (and test out my new line of letter board words!) and she also sells lots of accessories to express anything I want (via letterboard).  This includes her special holiday packs that we worked on together! I would totally buy the Valentine Pack to send to my friend Jessica who loves to express herself in print!

Glambanners Be My Galentine

In fact, Jessica J loves a good message so much she runs Glambanners.  Glambanners creates beautiful banners and garlands with great texture and my favorite: sparkle!  I already have some of her holiday banners that deck my halls during the winter season, but for Valentine’s Day I would order her “Be My Galentine” glitter banner (customized in RAINBOW colors) and I would send it right to Lori.

Lori Loves Studio

Lori runs her home business Lori Loves, and Lori LOVES RAINBOWS just like me (check out her AMAZING studio space!! It puts my post-hurricane-home-depot-studio to mega-shame)!  She creates beautiful rainbow quilts, celestial mobiles and (a personal favorite) the -not-your-grandmas- SKULL QUILT!  But since it doesn’t fit the season (who am I kidding? It’s always time for skulls!  I have some skull magnets available in my shop!) I would choose a big KISS (pillow) and blow it towards Jessica M.

Naked Mangoes

Jessica M owns Naked Mangoes (formerly That Oregon Girl) and she (almost literally) dresses me and my children because we own so many of her shirts.  Her political and feminist t-shirts say exactly what I’m thinking, but on a shirt. While it is incredibly hard to choose, I would probably buy a couple of  her Floral Feminist Fist Tees (try saying that 5 times fast!) to send to my friends Colleen and Colleen.

Everykind Co New Shirts!

Yes, both Colleens found each other and founded Everykind Co (formerly Mama Said Tees) where they design and print tees, bags, hats, and notebooks (and more!) that encourage everyone to spread the love around.  Their kindness tees take up about half of my sons drawer at home (and who am I kidding, half of mine too). This Valentines Day I would pick up a couple of their Choose (love, peace, equality) t-shirts to send to Stefanie.

A Little Leafy

Thank goodness for my friend Stef and her shop A Little Leafy because with all of this Valentines Day gifting, I’ve COMPLETELY forgot to make valentines for my sons classroom! (I'm the kind of mom that is either SUPER ahead of the game, or SUPER last minute) Luckily A Little Leafy has super cute PRINTABLE valentines!  Thank you Stef for helping me out of ANOTHER jam! (I expect to see a new pun about getting out of jam soon Stef! ;) ) I would print a few extra to send to my friends Alix (from Joyaltee) and Hanni (from Wolfe and Scamp). They have been a MAJOR inspiration and source of support from way back when. They have amazing companies, with amazing products, and show me on the daily what a small business hustler looks like. The fact that they believe in Monka! as much as they do is part of why I'm still around. So, if you are a fan of Monka! thank them! :)

There are so many more shops that I would love to add to this list, so I will be sure to post more of these shopping posts in the future! I’m so grateful for all of the good that these women put out into the world.  Not only because they encourage and support me, but because they are wonderful examples of women who aspire to something and through hard thinking and harder work, make it work.  Happy Valentines Day my friends!

*Squad Goals letter board word set will be available here in March!*

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