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It's live, now what?! — about us

My Summer in Gloves

I used to be like you. I usually used the appropriate hand clothes (‘hand clothes’ is what I call gloves, i guess - I just came up with that) for each season. I had thin ones for fall windshield scraping and thick ones for winter snowball creating. But I this summer I had to add white cotton gloves to my hands’ wardrobe.  You may be wondering: am I a debutante attending cotillion? Am I your grandmas perpetually overdressed friend attending a religious service?  No.  I have fucked up hands. Don't worry, I won't be including photos of my post-apocalyptic hands, but for the curious...

It's live, now what?!?

It's live, now what?!?

Holy moley, making a new website it hard work! Granted, I used Shopify web hosting and one of their theme templates, but its basically all blank boxes and daunting outlines that laugh at you as you try to figure out where to start and what the hell to put in all those empty boxes!

But I did it, its live, for all the world to see!

So..... now that you can easily scroll though my shop, look at my products, and buy 1 (or 2) of everything. I figured it was time to tell you a bit about myself!