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About Us


Who in the hell am I and where in the hell does this crazy stuff come from?

I'm a High School dropout, turned Beauty School dropout, turned lame office worker who finally called it quits after my son was born.  I consider myself a maker, verses an artist because I love to use my hands to create (especially if power tools are involved). I also occasionally ponder what it would be like to have hands like Edward Scissor hands but with POWER TOOLS.  Should I be able to take them off? Or have oven mitts (tool mitts?) to go over them? How would I give my kids baths, or fold laundry, or pet the dog? These are ponders for another day....

I love learning.  I learn best by DOING, verses watching or hearing.  My husband tries to stay out of my studio (the basement) while I'm working because I do not do things the "normal" way, and it makes him nervous. I use tools “incorrectly” and sometimes “dangerously” to achieve the look I am going for.  This makes the most sense to me and my brain. I once (maybe more than once) sliced my finger open while creating these products for you.  But I feel my blood sacrifice was worth while for the awesome products that flow from my studio to your walls and refrigerators.

Monka! started when I created wall hooks for my son’s nursery before he was born.  After sharing my project with friends and family I realized that there wasn’t anything else like them.  My original products were wall hooks I made using kid’s toys.  They required a lot of labor and effort. One set took a week to produce between the filling and drilling, painting and drying, and coating and finishing.  The toys I used were plastic that were not manufactured in the United States and I usually had a lot of left over heads and butts and the waste made my eyeballs itch.

When my husband became interested in (and purchased) a 3D printer I realized I could make Monka! cost effective, sustainable and more environmentally friendly!  A LOT of time, testing, designing, and more testing lead to ABJECT FAILURE.  But after more testing and designing I can finally present Monka! Goods v.2.2!  They are brightly colored, shiny, fun, unique and customizable!  Monka! Goods are meant to make you smile and bring fun to your mundane household surfaces, and you can smile even bigger because the process creates little to no waste!  I really hope you love my Monka! Magnets, Wall Hooks and other home décor items. 

I am constantly working on new ideas and designs. If you have any suggestions or requests, I am ALWAYS happy to hear - send me an email! I love interacting with people that love my Monka! as much as I do and I want to make sure that I am providing you with fun, new ways to brighten up your home.

Wow, I am super impressed you read all of that. You are amazing and I cannot wait to be your friend.  Thank you for supporting my creative passion!